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“There is a new player on the sporting front – the events industry.  The event industry is highly competitive and Queensland, with its climate and facilities, is a major player.”  John Mullins

Queensland is justifiably proud of its events history. Starting with the Commonwealth Games in 1982, the state then put itself on the events map with its successful World Expo 1988. Over the last 20 years Queensland has held many and varied but almost always highly successful events.

Starting with Expo '88, our firm has been involved in most of the major events held in Queensland, either acting for the event organiser, an event corporation, a sponsor, sporting body or participating organisation. In Queensland there is a high degree of expertise in event management. The legal aspects are rarely the most important but at the end of the day, they serve as the foundations and parameters within which the event is run.

An event involves complex issues of venues, sponsorship, marketing and ambush marketing issues, trademarks and intellectual property, risk management including complex insurance issues and force majeure clauses, supplier contracts, and ticketing issues. Our firm is proud of the part it has played in these events. We believe our experience, combined with a pragmatic approach, enables us to support our clients in whichever role they may play.

Mullins has been involved in World Cups, and World and National Championships of many sports such as the Rugby World Cup, Gold Coast Marathon and National Surf Lifesaving Championships. We have advised on international conventions for community-based organisations such as Rotary International, scientific organisations, and concerts for high profile performers.

At the end of the day the event is going to take place and it is going to take place on that date.  It is incumbent upon the parties and their lawyers to constructively negotiate agreements to protect the relevant commercial and legal interests, and meet the deadline. Our firm's experience in dealing with such matters puts us at the forefront of legal advisers for the Queensland events industry.

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