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Family business

“The small to medium business is the backbone of the Australian economy, accounting for over 70% of all business activity.  Mullins knows the needs of family business intimately – after all, we started as one back in 1980.”  David Williams

Some of Australia's biggest businesses are family businesses which have been highly successful, despite some of the shortcomings associated with being a family business.  The family businesses that have succeeded have done so through the introduction of independent advisers, either as board members or consultants.  The path of taking the family business into good governance practices and clear decision-making to avoid issues of "bad blood" has been the trademark of their success.

Mullins Lawyers has a long association with family business.  We were initially established as a small family business more than 25 years ago.  We know the unique challenges that family businesses face and are equipped to advise on all legal issues they face such as succession planning, merger and acquisition, risk management, and trade practices.

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Michael Klatt

Michael Klatt

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