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457 visa breaches cost restaurant sponsorship agreement

5 February 2015

An Indian restaurant in Melbourne has been penalised for multiple breaches of their obligations under the 457 visa system.

As a result of ongoing monitoring, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection discovered employees working under 457 visa sponsorships were being underpaid and that mandatory record keeping requirements were not being met among other contraventions.

The restaurant has been issued with an infringement notice and fined $15,300 for its failure to keep accurate records in addition to having its 457 visa sponsorship agreement revoked and being barred from participating in the visa programme for 5 years.

The Assistant Commissioner for Immigration, Senator Michaelia Cash has stated that, "...Businesses acting in good faith have nothing to fear, but we want to send a strong message that if you breach your obligations, you can expect to face the consequences..."

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