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ACMA clamps down on betting advertising during sporting broadcasts

1 August 2013

On July 30 the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) registered its amendments to the broadcasting codes of practice placing greater restrictions on the promotion of gambling and betting odds during live sports broadcasts. These changes have been issued in response to research indicating community concern regarding the prevalence of gambling related advertising during sports coverage.

Amendments to the codes now include the prohibition of bookmaking identities appearing as part of sports commentary teams or participating in live crosses from around the ground in addition to the barring of sports commentators from endorsing betting odds during play and for 30 minutes before and after games. The advertising of betting odds during the course of play has also been prohibited with some exemptions existing for multi-day sports events and overseas live sport.

Other revisions also address the composition of betting or gambling commercials dictating that they must not target children, depict gambling as a family activity, make exaggerated claims or associate betting with alcohol promotion.

ACMA intends to evaluate these regulatory changes at the conclusion of the Australian summer sports season to determine their effectiveness.

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