Bob Lette
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Bob Lette


Areas of expertise

Bob is an experienced property lawyer who has built long-standing relationships with major developers in South East Queensland. He has broad experience in major property and development spheres, including construction, planning and environment. He also has long-standing relationships within the building and construction industry and has been associated with the Queensland Master Builders Association for 39 years.

Bob also has advised on banking and finance law for more than three decades, including major banks and finance groups on project funding, securing overseas loans, hotel securities and retail banking securities. He also has experience in the area of superannuation, including chairing one of Australia's larger superannuation and investment funds.

Bob holds a number of board positions. These include Chairman of BUSS (Q) - Building Super, The Private Capital Group, The Infrastructure Fund and Watpac Superannuation Fund.

He is a Director, Audit and Risk Management Committee Chairman of Queensland Airports Limited, a Director of the North Queensland Airports Group and a Director, Risk and Audit Committee member of Watpac Limited. Bob is also the Deputy Chairman of Harness Racing Australia, a Director of Racing Queensland Limited and a former Chairman of Harness Racing Queensland.


Admitted as a Solicitor 1966

Appointed as a Partner 1996

Appointed as a Consultant 2008

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